The HSE Plan describes how Viking manages activities to meet internal and contractual goals to help clients achieve oilfield project objectives.

This document has been produced in line with HSE procedures to ensure specific actions are assigned to individuals for compliance and completion. It is important that each employee understands the goals of the HSE Plan and the manner in which the company intends to achieve them.

Viking personnel are trained to perform their duties without risk to themselves, others and the environment. This plan is designed to increase awareness, participation and ownership of the safety process and to eliminate incidents.

Leadership and Commitment

The HSE executive team (chairman, president and HSE department) have defined and endorsed the HSE policy. In addition to the HSE leadership team, the HSE department includes:

Rigs have full- or part-time safety officers and medics to provide HSE advice and guidance to Viking operations.

The HSE commitment is demonstrated by senior management, rig management and HSE staff through structured meetings, site visits, HSE audits, incident investigations, audit report reviews, and management review meetings.

HSE is the initial item on all business and operational meeting agendas.

The company will continuously strive to create and sustain a culture that supports the HSE plan by instilling:

Demonstration of commitment from management includes:

Through its leadership and encouragement, management creates and sustains a culture of:

Viking HSE policy will be conveyed to personnel at all projects. It will be prominently displayed at strategic locations on rigs and facilities. It is presented to employees during induction training and reinforced as a required agenda topic at HSE meetings at least once a quarter.

These HSE policies are dated and endorsed by the Executive HSE Leadership Team:

Highlights of Viking Services Safety Management System Include:

HSE Policy

Management System

Audit Program

Stop Work Authority Program